Italian Serie A – Sassuolo-Roma

Sassuolo hosts Roma in a match from the last 38th round of the Italian Serie A. Let’s look what’s going on with these two teams.

Roma achieved their big goal for the season – another Top 4 finish and another return to the Champions League. Right now the Wolves are 3rd in the Serie A with 74 points and they can’t be touched by the 5th Inter. But they can lose the third place, because the 4th Lazio is just 2 points away from them.

Roma have a record of 22 wins, 8 draws and 7 losses. In their last five games they are showing an almost perfect form – four wins and just one draw against Juventus in the previous round. In these decisive weeks of the season Roma showed their best qualities and proved to everyone that they deserve to be among the teams who are going to qualify for the Champions League.

Sassuolo on the other hand are 11th in the Serie A with 43 points. For them the most important thing is that they managed to survive for another year. They are a small club and keeping their place in the Calcio is always a priority. Right now Sassuolo have a record of 11 wins, 10 draws and 16 defeats. In their last five games they won four times, which proves that they deserve to be in the Serie A and they are good enough to be here.

It’s curious that Roma’s manager Eusebio Di Francesco is once again facing his former club. Di Francesco is doing impressive things since he was appointed at Roma. The most impressive was reaching the 1/2-finals of the Champions League. We can say that he’s a manager with a bright future.

These are our thoughts about the Serie A game between Sassuolo and Roma. Good luck!