Italy – Seria A

Atalanta defeated Verona 3-0 as a host in a match of the 10th round of the Seria A. Remo Frueuler (50), Josip Ilichic (59) and Yasmin Kurtich (75) were right for Atalanta. Frühler made a mistake for a Verona player, Ilichic was right with a shot from the border of the penalty area, and Kurtic formed the classical victory of the bergamas after finding a centering on the left.

In the first half, after the intervention of the VAR system, Fueller’s first attack on Atalanta was canceled, and then the young Moise Keane for Verona.

Atalanta holds seventh place in the standings with 15 points, while the Veronians are 18th with 6.

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